The attentionworthy, the craveworthy and perhaps the occasional unsavory, in and around Columbus, city...sleeper hottie of the Midwest.

M & R Wine Shop, 1553 E Main St, Columbus, OH. The Near East Side can be a bit sketchy for a casual wanderer (depending on the intersection), but the flip side of this building is just as rad. I’d love to know what the neighborhood looked like when these signs were first painted.

Aside from phenomenal people watching, one of the most enjoyable things about Rock on the Range 2013 was, surprisingly, the low number of cell phones up in the air during each set. True, I had my Canon on hand—but it was the first time in a long time that I was inspired by the crowd to take in the sights and sounds without too much buzz. Being in the moment was good enough. 

Read more here: Concert review: Party Like It’s 1994 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Rock on the Range, by Brad Keefe.

Screamin’ Willie’s. 1921 Channingway Center Dr, Columbus, OH.

The general consensus among reviewers online: one star. There are not enough stars in the sky, however, to rate that amazing sign. 

UPDATE: this sign has been replaced with something equally as gaudy, but much less fabulous as of January 2014. Sadness.

Billy Cash. Indianola Ave, Columbus, O.