The attentionworthy, the craveworthy and perhaps the occasional unsavory, in and around Columbus, city...sleeper hottie of the Midwest.

Photo courtesy of All Together Now. Knotty Handmade Bowties Ivy Bridal Studio, from Dublin, Oh. Gorgeous table setting from All Together Now. A display from Clintonville's Eco Flora. Hand lettering by Caitlin Hay. (I was sad to have missed her lettering workshop!) Cute card from Sparkvites! Poor Sparrow jewelry Had a garland-making lesson with Marti, where we crafted a simple swag from tissue and unbleached coffee filters. This was a huge attempt for me...I simply don't craft! Ely Brothers Awesomatic Photo Booth!

Marti Babcock and Lindsay Hetzer are the “hardworking stylists, designers and event producers with a serious hankering to celebrate life” behind All Together Now. I discovered these two on Instagram earlier in the year, and have enjoyed their simple approach to promoting a young business through online media. Marti was nice enough to invite me to the duo’s first-ever Make My Day Market (see gallery above) at 400 West Rich St. two weekends ago—where attendees were able to explore a collection of local vendors, musicians, and photographers who specialize in making weddings and parties…that much more special.

This is my first installment of The Q’s; a series that will highlight some of the people I’ve been lucky to meet (both in person or online) during my time living and working in the middle of Ohio. How do I turn this series into the best version of its self? Not sure yet. So it seemed fitting to ask Marti and Lindsay some questions inspired by the daunting notion of JUST STARTING SOMEWHERE. The Q’s are meant to be short and sweet, and I hope you enjoy them!

Q. Your website portfolio’s not yet full. Still, you’ve created enough buzz for at least one local (points to self) to learn your names, recognize your logo, remember your domain name, understand your style, and know that you’re actively working to build your business. For anyone looking to launch their new career, a modest portfolio (with a ridiculous amount of social channels to cover) can be overwhelming to face. How did you motivate yourselves to JUST START SOMEWHERE?

We were/are (ha!) two broke gals with a passion for styling/designing, who, knowing we had a complimentary working relationship, ran out of excuses not to go after it. With only our time to lose, we took advantage of early opportunities given to us by loyal and supportive friends who gave us free range to stretch our creative muscle. Without a lot of disposable income for advertising or paid photographers, social media became our immediate way of sharing our brand with the world. It’s important to both of us to have an outlet in life where we truly feel good about what we’re doing and knew this was it. Putting ourselves out there was less daunting with support from one another and taking on the mindset of “why not?”.

Q. Marti, how does your background in film production and theory give you a leg up when it comes to producing gatherings and events?

I chose film production as a major in college because I wanted to grow up to be a producer. This role fits nicely with my strengths, which are being crazy psycho organized and managing multiple tasks at one time. There are many parallels to event planning and film production. You have to create a budget, hire a crew of kick ass professionals, coordinate schedules and timelines, make sure the production/event goes smoothly, etc. Like filmmaking, projects always change so we are always doing something new; fundraisers, weddings, corporate events. There is never a dull moment and I love that.

Q. Lindsay, your background is in Marketing. If you could name one quality that the world of Marketing and the world of Art & Design have in common…what would it be?

Focus on the customer. Marketing is all about identifying and providing the customer with what they want, sometimes even before they know they want it. Design is exactly the same. It’s all about understanding the client and presenting an idea that is an organized visual translation of their desires and needs. Good design often has the reaction of “Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted!” or “Wow, I never thought to do that, but I love it.” We, as designers, strive for these reactions, but you’re only good at your job if you understand whom you’re working for. Coincidentally, one of our favorite parts of the job is spending time and getting to know our clients.

Q. I have party-throwing anxiety. You name it and I’ve probably got that nagging fear of what could go wrong. More specifically, I’m afraid that guests will be too damn bored to ever show up to one of my parties again. What’s your best advice for reluctant hosts like me when it comes to getting festive?

Booze. Lots of booze. Just kidding. Here are some tips!

1. Don’t be too ambitious. A few seasonal snacks and treats should do the trick. Make it easier by getting a few things catered so you don’t have to make everything.

2. Make a TO DO list a week ahead of time. That way you aren’t preparing food, cleaning the entire house and running every errand the day before your party.

3. Lindsay says music can make or break a party. Get out your records or find a good Spotify station to set the tone of the party. You never know when your gathering could turn into an impromptu dance party!

4. Activities can be fun with the right crowd. Movies, games, cards, etc. Get creative! Buy some canvases and throw a painting party. Themes usually get the creative juices and conversation flowing.

Q. What’s you absolute favorite spot in the city of Columbus?

Lindsay: “Ohhh, it’s so hard to choose, but if I had to think of an absolute favorite spot in Columbus, it would have to be sitting on a blanket in the middle of Goodale Park, drinking local brews out of a large plastic mug, surrounded by my close friends.”

Marti: “ It is difficult to say just one spot so, I would say a morning stroll in German Village. Breakfast at Pistacia Vera, a trip to The Book Loft and a stroll in Schiller Park.”

Side note: There were so many lovely vendor displays at the Market, I wish I could’ve included them all in this gallery. And a shout-out to Hilary Buchanan, who designed the sweet logo for Make My Day Market. I’d hire these ladies! Learn more about All Together Now event packages here